Through good power pulse dampening via an effective compensator sprocket and a relatively constant final drive-to-rear sprocket distance relationship through range of suspension travel, chain whip and snatch is minimal leading to relatively long life. I’ve only adjusted this non-o-ring chaing once in 5,000 miles and have seen no need to fit an o-ring chain into this space challenged environment to eak out a little more chain life.
  • Gearing: A 46tooth rear sprocket on a standard final drive sprocket has proven a good compromise for two up riding in the Mid South on the Rap, see no need to go lower. But with the Shadow having the 19inch rear rim, a 48 tooth is recommended and indispensible if you have a early 1950 and earlier Shadow with the 7.25 bottom gear ratio.

  • Final Drive Sprocket Fitment: To prevent transmission oil migrating down the mainshaft through the distance piece and leaking around the final drive sprocket, seal the land this sprocket rests on with Permatex Grey before fitting the sprocket.