An absolutely delightful machine from a unique maker with a storied background, it's most appealing attribute - light tossable taut handling - was marred by the inadequate accommodations for a size 13 rider on a size 10 machine. Then relegated to the role of two wheeled art, increasing awareness of the burden of custodianship of such an original piece for one more accustomed to resurrecting hulks to their former splendor was a sign this was not a good "fit" from any standpoint. Though long since sold, this site remains as a tribute to these unique and rare machines. Though the presentation below remains sales oriented, from a different perspective, it can provide a prospective owner with a good picture of the sensible mod's to achieving a usable machine for which this one was as vice free as could be expected of any vintage British machine with sporting aspirations at this level.

Roughly 1,000 Thruxtons were produced between 1967 and end of production in early 1971 with the dispatch of VMT1208C to Canada. Superbly engineered but built frugally in the Goodman family tradition, intake/exhaust profiles were altered merely by re-profiling the lifters rather than replacing the cam. Velocette LE tool boxes became the new battery box and when John Tickle produced front backing plates became too expensive, they came up with their own slightly altered design. Subtle changes such as sand cast heads with different valve stem geometry to enable fitment of 2 inch intake valves and hardened engine cases ensured these machines performed (durably) up to their cafe racer appearance. Extraordinarily narrow cases/flywheels reduce crank flexing, need for bracing to suppress vibration resulting in a machine more akin to a Vincent V twin in operation than even that marque's own single cylinder machines. When fitted with the smaller drive sprocket of the sporting models, these machines retain all the usability/durability of those models, though steady tickover is illusive with the early magneto models utilizing Amal GP carbs.

Following correspondence with the factory, VMT1151C was commissioned and built for the original owner, John Goodman of St Louis, in July 1970 and is one of the last series produced machines before Velocette began briefly assembling machines from adhoc spares following the demise of the Clymer Indian/Velo project, the last Thruxton numbered VMT1208C and produced in December 1970.  Characteristic of these last Thruxtons are black and gold paint schemes, a flat bench seat, fitment of Borroni 19 inch high flange rims, distributor ignition, one year only Amal 1036 Concentric carburetor and undrilled heat shield on the oil tank face. This machine has the optional (12/13360) short ratio gear box, is in original paint with the exception of the fenders, and with 6,775 original miles, has never been raced or down, still retains its original front tire and has been in indoor climate controlled stored since new.

Notable Features of the last Thruxtons
Black with Gold only color offered (blue silver discontinued)
Amal 1036 Carburetor (replaces 1032 and Amal GP)
Battery Ignition (replaces Lucas magneto)
Borrani Rims (replace Dunlops)
Flat Bench Seat (replaces model-specific hump seat)
Small headlight bucket

After a 13 year quest, I finally acquired this machine from the John Goodman, an expatriate living in Japan, in 7/2002, putting it back on the road after 15 year storage with a multitude of improvements to further enhance its usability without altering its appearance. As pictured below, it comes with all correspondence to the factory/London distributor, shipping documents, owner correspondence, parts/work receipts, a variety of spares, original title and is in perfect working order. Most all replacements/enhancements ordered and/or performed by Dave Smith Classic Motorccyles and referenced by (DSCM) below.

Replacements and Enhancements
Cylinder hard chromed (U.S. Chrome) & bored to standard (DSCM)
Head fully machined - new valve guides/valves (Leo Goff Racing)
Std bore squish head piston/total seal ring set (DSCM)
JG 6 to 12 volt electronic regulator conversion
Halogen headlight
Electronic ignition/dual plug conversion (DSCM)
Timing (toothed) belt dynamo drive kit (DSCM)
High lift clutch actuation lever (DSCM)
Kevlar clutch (DSCM)
Roller Throwout bearing conversion (DSCM)
Clutch cable with lower adjuster (DSCM)
16 spring clutch (instead of 20)
GE1049 sleeve gear lip seal conversion (DSCM)
kick starter housing lip seal conversion (DSCM)
18 tooth final drive sprocket fitted (20 tooth standard supplied
New chain and N.O.S. rear sprocket/brake drum fitted.
Complete shift linkage bushed to remove slop (DSCM)
Cartridge oil filer conversion (uses std HD filter)
N.O.S Geoff Dodkin Exhaust cooling clamp

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The motorized two wheel side of a 40 year 4 wheel - and even one wheel - mechanical journey has distilled itself down to the following least for the moment. Pass your mouse over the link for a pic and overview and click for the full story. The long road to restoration of the 1941 Indian Four is now complete and it's online. Next up will be a site devoted to the 1940 Indian Four.

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