Did you know you can comply with warranty service requirements for your new car with maintenance performed by an independent shop? Over half of our late model routine service is performed on newer cars still under warranty. With our extensive experience using the PST-II tool we have repaired problem cars for authorized dealers as well as performed major mechanical work, such as installing new Boxter engines like the one you see in the accompanying photos. We routinely provide PPI's on used Porsches being bought from authorized dealers.
All standard services required on 901/911/964/993/996, Boxter and Cayenne (PWR has the only non-dealer owned PST tool for interfacing, diagnosing and resetting error codes for Porsche OBDII type systems in this area, and fulltime staff certified for its use).
Systematic multi-point program to prevent catastrophic engine failures experienced in 1997-2003 Boxsters.
Dyno test and tune.
Pre-purchase inspections.
Cars with known history (locally owned) sourced for your purchase and required service(s) performed for you to drive away or have us ship to you.