Unlike many of their contemporaries, both the 356 and 911 can be made perfectly useable for modern traffic conditions and provide a refreshing alternative for that daily commute over the typical modern SUV or sedan. We even have one customer for whom a 356 is their only transportation.
"Preservation' class vehicles mechanically restored/optimized for reliable daily use.
Drivetrains built to PCA aesthetic judging standards.
Specialists in CIS, MFI and all carburetor configurations, retrofit to any configuration or restore to original specification.
Complete restorations performed to original specification or period modification (generally schedule only 2 per year, please email your plans).
Any suspension variation setup from street, DE, to race corner weighted and aligned. Moton and Penske shock specialists. PWR is a licensed Moton dealer, click logo below for catalogue.

We've routinely turned out complete street concours restorations in 90 days on vehicles when scheduled well in advance. We can't run our shop efficiently nor can you enjoy your vehicle if it is languishing in pieces - this is where the 'punctuality' part of our shop philosophy is applied the most stridently. Email us with your needs and we can arrange a time to discuss in detail.