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 PWR has had a long history with racing, most prominently with the Porsche Club of America and the now 2.8 litre twin turbo GT 2 and 3.4 litre twin turbo GT 1 as well as many cars we prepare. Over the years we and our customers have shot a lot of race video in-car and we are now beginning to compile it into videos for upload to our account on YouTube. As we add videos there, we will also add a link to this page - as well as a link back to the appropriate car project build page if applicable - so you'll have one convenient location to view everything we have online.

Besides entertainment value, these videos demonstrate PWR's unique position among service facilities of our size in the U.S. and our thorough understanding of your street or race car as a complete system  In the case of cars number 234 and 334 below, we built them entirely in our shop, adapted and then completely programmed the engine management systems, performed chassis setup, campaigned them nationally at the highest competition levels - often against professionals - and then driven them to race wins as Pat Williams is in the driver's seat of all of these videos either as primary or team mate to the car's owner for enduros.

Road Atlana PCA Enduro 05

Sebring PCA Enduro 07
GT3 Lap Record! - Part 1

Sebring PCA Enduro 07
GT3 Lap Record! - Part 2

Sebring PCA 07 Enduro
GT3 Lap Record! - Part 3

Road Atlanta PCA 08 Enduro

Sebring PCA 08 Practice

California PCA 08 Enduro
3rd row to the lead at the start!

Miller PCA 08 Fun Race
Overall Win

Putnam PCA 09 Sprint Saturday
2nd Overall

Putnam PCA 09
Engine Drivability

Sunday Qualifying

Daytona PCA Octoberfest
Enduro 09 Overall Win

Mid Ohio 2008 Enduro
2nd Overall - Part 1

Mid Ohio 2008 Enduro
2nd Overall - Part 2

Mid Ohio PCA 2008 Enduro
2nd Overall - Part 3
Road Atlanta 2010 Sprints
2 Overall Wins - Part 1

 Besides our own video archives, if you like racing, racing history, the sound of fine engines performing at their best, check out some our favorites pulled from our Playlists under Favorites at the Pat William's Racing Channel.

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