In PCA Club Racing, we've had countless class and overall wins from I class through GT1. We understand the rigors of the track - racing is the ultimate unforgiving test of your power train. The often overused "fun per dollar" term extends here to "fun per dollar ratio" Your power train is not an 'experiment' with us. You will be provided with a proven reliable package, ready to go, requiring no further cash infusion to 'fine tune it' for the street or track. We offer the following:
Build and optimize current powerplant to chosen (PCA/PBOC/NASA/Professional) racing class.
Full Build/rebuild and enhance (induction/exhaust/ignition) to your specification for the following:
Air Cooled 356-911
996 - 997 Turbo
996 - 997 GT3, RS, Cup
Displacement increases.
Displacement increase/decrease and induction changes 'optimized' to desired PCA class.

Engine building is the dominant activity at PWR, over half are customer engines sent to us by other shops/authorized dealers and nearly 95% of all engines we build originate nonlocally. We arrange shipping with our dedicated containers. Besides the 2.1 and 2.6 twin turbos you've seen elsewhere at this site, here is just a sample of the type engines we routinely build to include the 997 GT3 Generation II RS depicted in the slides to the left.
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