Values of all pre-impact bumper 911's are rising dramatically but there was a time when such high regard did not spread across the model range. For students of the early 911 the Bosch CIS injected 1973.5 911 T represents the most polarizing model introduction to that date. Praised by some for bringing a new level of civility to the heretofore raucous 911 but mainly scorned by long time enthusiasts viewing its arrival as a sign the performance party was over for Porsche as it had been for the American muscle car scene before it. Gone was the tidy engine compartments with carbs or Bosch MFI so closely associated with Porsche's racing machinery - along with the induction howl of 6 open butterflies at full throttle - and in its place a maze of plastic hoses, wires atop a much more docile performing engine in general. This car in particular contrasts even further from the flash of bright silver paint and Fuchs alloys often fitted to many of those Bosch MFI injected cars being finished in Sepia brown and fitted with first-year cast "cookie cutter" alloy wheels.

But, as you'll see below one could not have chosen a more perfect machine for building the ultimate SleeperT.

The owner of PWR was picking up some machine work at the shop of a friend and long time 911 owner who'd just recently finished a 2.4 litre build on this car originally intended for PCA Class I Racing but now to be used on the street, He was in a quandry about an induction system: carbs or the original Bosch CIS. Pat suggested our EFI conversion which in naturally aspirated form is most often done on 3.0 - 3.2 litre SC's and Carreras. One thing led to another and from PWR's extensive stock of spares a complete stock 930 induction and exhaust system was gathered together and installed on this completely stock engine otherwise optimized for PCA Club Racing. After tuning on our dyno it yielded right at 316hp at the wheels using a .9 bar spring on an open loop map. In this 2,300lb car, the transformation was phenomenal compared to stock with little/no traction in any gear but 5th. If only the clock could be turned back to 1973 for this T.

This car provided a very entertaining and reliable drive for the almost a year until.... the owner left a rather vital vacuum hose off following some work in the engine compartment and a subsequent spirited drive broke a few pistons. This time around, the emphasis was on more low end torque along with raising performance headroom as the power band had flattened noticeably above 4,700rpm due to stock cam restriction and K26 turbo output being exceeded. The engine came out, PWR had J&E custom make a set of 8.6:1 pistons, Garret provided a custom adaptation of the turbo used on our base PWR EFI-1 Package Engines, E cams were installed, engine case integrity improved and some oiling mod's made. The resulting power was nearly the same, but now achieved at only .7 bar, the torque curve was much broader and the forged pistons provided additional strength reserves over the stock cast ones. With a heavy standard  1986 US spec exhaust system and B&B single outlet muffler sound levels and appearance are nearly stock, this engine idles tranquilly at 800rpm and easily passes emissions with CO readings in the 1% range.

Some features of the 1973.5 911 T(urbo)
Suspension, brakes and running gear stripped and powder coated
33mm rear and 22 mm front gun drilled torsion bars
Steel trailing arms mod'd per factory RSR with gussets around bearing housings
Rear spring plates replaced with adjustable SC units to simplify corner weighting
All bushings replaced with Weltmeister Poly Graphite and hand honed
Smart Racing spherical type bushings on rear inner trailing arm mounts
RSR valved Bilstein front struts/rear shocks
911SC front calipers, other components replaced, Pagid orange brake pads
911SC fine spline LSD adapted to 930 flanges to enable use of early large CV's
Original 7R cases line bored and main bearing webs shuffle pinned for rigidity
911SC oil pump and oil passages modified to suit
All 24 steel studs removed and magnesium cases Time-Serted for strength
911E cylinders, pistons (since replaced) and cams
Intake ports enlarged to 36mm from 30.5mm
Heads bench flowed and all ports mod'd with formed tool cutter to increase flow

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