Not only is the PWR-EFI system unique in the conversion industry - being the first with a turnkey system using the stock intake manifold - the injector manifolds themselves are superior in quality to anything available in the market place designed to be a direct retro-fit for the factory phenolic blocks between the intake manifold and the heads.

After numerous inquiries we have begun selling the injector manifolds as a separate kit, not only to those desiring to build their own systems, but to those who have experienced quality problems with other injection manifold replacements such as air/fuel leaks, injector misalignment and heat soaking.

Here's what this kit consists of:

Injector manifolds with fuel rail arms.
Fuel rails and injector clips.
Heat risers (yellow blocks).
gasket set (12 pieces).

Injector manifold kits are available sizes in from stock (32.5mm) up 38mm as used in our PWR-Stage 1 engine. We keep both of these sizes in stock and they can be shipped the day of your inquiry. Custom sizes take seven business days from time of payment.

PWR-EFI Injector Manifolds

Your original injector manifolds are made from plastic and act as a very good insulator to prevent heat from transfering from the heads to the injectors with subsequent fuel boiling. PWR injector manifolds are machined from aluminum billet, subsequently, we have machined heat insulators to provide the same protection. This view shows them in place with the gaskets placed on top. We machine these insulators to exactly match the port size you specify.

Top view of installation on a PWR-Stage 1 engine (38mm) illustrates perfect alignment of studs to manifolds and port to heat riser and head, and inclication of injector to port for maximum efficiency and power.

Put your mouse over the hightlighted port for a larger view.

This view shows three dimensional positioning of the injectors, approx 20 X 40 degrees from vertical, for best power and efficiency as well as the fuel rail anchors and an injector retaining clip fitted on the far right injector.

A PWR-Stage 1 motor in progress, this illustrates the injector manifolds mounted and intake manifold in place. Original mounting studs are retained and vertical manifold position unaltered from stock to ensure perfect alignment of the intercooler.

Attn Porsche Shops: Besides complete PWR-EFI conversion kits, we are now selling a complete tuning package consisting of all the software and CAN (usb) line so that you tune PWR-EFI conversions on which you have performed further engine modifications or are desiring to do custom installations. To speed tuning on the latter, we can provide baseline setups only requiring slight further refinement. Be looking for details at this site, we are working on a new page for it now. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about our EFI conversion, give us a call or drop us a note.