Now that you've seen what the PWR-EFI Conversion system consists, we wanted to give you some idea of the reduction in components, complexity and weight you'll experience when removing your original CIS system and converting to

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Wiring Harness; Constructed entirely of aircraft grade wiring, provided complete with bonded labels for all connections, rubber sleeve reinforced at all junctions. ECU end has supplemental connections for Controller Area Network (CAN) line (for digital dash, AFR meters, etc.), boost control and hard/soft shift light systems. Engine end has connections for both standard single wire and wide band oxygen sensors.
The heart of PWR-EFI, the ECU can mount in stock location under the driver's seat and is programmed to your engine configuration.   Besides line-outs referred to above, has supplemental pin-out connections for positive-powered triggering of supplemental electrical devices (exhaust by-pass actuators, etc.)
EFI system relay/mounting bracket; our system utilizes the (+) accessory post on your starter (formerly used for warm up regulator) for main power, relay being activated by your ignition switch-on.
Idle motor, provides stable idle hot/cold, engine loaded (air conditioning compressor cycling) or unloaded idle.  Sophistication of PWR-EFI programming eliminates need for idle screw use on throttle body.
CNC machined from billet aluminum with stainless steel fuel rails and AN fittings accepts all modern injector types from factory to race (mototrons).  Bridging each bank of injector blocks ensures better manifold/engine sealing, stability and port alignment.  Can be made in any size from stock (32.5mm) to 38mm and are now sold separately from the PWR-EFI system for customers desiring to design/build their own EFI system.  Please Click here for details.
CNC machined phenolic blocks fit between heads and injector blocks to reduce heat soaking from engine to intake manifold/fuel system
Fuel pressure regulator, sized and set to injector type used in your conversion.
Throttle body modification: We modify your throttle body to accept a throttle position switch (TPS) and  blank off unused ports on both it and the manifold.  We provide long-shaft throttle bodies on exchange basis for pre-86 cars.
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor: mounted on a tab adjacent to your throttle body and plumbed to the throttle body vacumm port previously used for ignition advance/retard.
Braided fuel lines and injectors: Injectors are sized to the particular PWR-EFI application - stock engine, previously modified engines and PWR package engine. No splicing of your existing fuel feed/return lines, we provide everything from fuel filter-out to return line.
Head temp and intake temp sensors; clip on to head via access cut in engine tin by scavenge pump or screw mounted in head if we are building your engine.  The intake temp mounts on intake just above throttle body.
Your air cleaner is replaced with a cone-type air cleaner mounted to the rubber elbow on your intake formerly attached to the sensor plate assembly.
Boost control; via driver operated switch, enables supplemental boost setting (up to 1 bar) .2 bar over initial wastegate setting (.7- .8 bar depending on static compression ratio).
By-Pass (CBV): Billet 993-996TT-type CBV replaces alloy housing CBV on pre-C2 vehicles and plastic Air Cutoff Valve (ACV) on 91-94 year vehicles.
Our system includes three dimensional control of your ignition retard/advance via the ECU. We modify your distributor by removing the mechanical advance/retard unit and then locking the shaft at TDC. Your xx coil is replaced with a xxx coil.