PWR has aesthetically/mechanically restored many 356's over the years and, thanks to a temperate Midsouth climate, maintains a number of vehicles still used as daily drivers, one which is the owner's only transportation. Subtle mechanical and electrical enhancements can make these cars very reliable and livable in modern traffic conditions. When the owner of the Rothman's 911 SC RS mentioned he'd like to run the Carrera Panamerican commemorative road race with something other than his customary Lincoln, a 356 was suggested.
Though partially aesthetically fresh at time of purchase, it was in need of both an overall mechanical restoration as well as safety and event related enhancements before being ready for this marathon. In addition to rebuilding every component group from the steering rack back, the following are some of the changes and enhancements made to make this car suitable for 2,200 miles of nearly flat out racing on Mexican roads.

1964 356 project elements and enhancements
12 volt redundant battery charging system
Redundant fuel line/pump system
Dual circuit master cylinder braking system
1760cc with Weber 44IDF's and E grind cam
N.O.S. "C" crankshaft and rods
PWR spec J&E pistons in MPR cylinders
External oil filter and crankcase vent system
2nd, 3rd and 4th gears changed and ratio raised
Period performance exhaust system
Full fire suppression system

When completed this car ran effortlessly to a self imposed 6,100rpm limit at 121mph and then went on to complete the race with two aboard running for hours at over a 100mph in tropical heat requiring no maintenance or additional lubricants. Pass your mouse over the image for an explanation and click to enlarge.

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